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Poem: GLEAM Positivism Blues

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Come with me to the livestock farms,

Greenhouse gas emissions are higher at the farm-gate,

Come with me to the cattle farms,

Methane emissions increase climate change,

We’ll prove it’s not too late,

For low-carbon livestock, there is a dream,

For them to design something new,

They can go vegan with meal-worm and the cricket snacks!

You know, the cattle farms in thirteen countries,

Beginning with reducing methane emissions,

We heard that it is the beginning,

Of the dreams of GLEAM team.

I guess we’ll produce more pigs

They emit less methane

I guess we’ll produce more pigs

And you’ll see many kids sitting on algae beach

Why do kids look like

They’re wearing seaweeds?

Why such biodiversity loss and ammonia emissions?

They can do better with food wastes

As traditionally done by our ancestors

Some say it’s too risky and unsafe

But the potential is huge

Beginning with reduced nitrogen impact

We heard that it saves land, too.

You snuggled up to me at dawn

For fear, I may oversleep

You snuggled up to me at dawn

The new GLEAM is not cheap

For the update of the supply chains modelled

By the fantastic GLEAM team

So come with me to the livestock farms

And we’ll see how things stand

Come with me to the livestock farms

I’ll learn to assess the global nitrogen loss

I’m sure we’ll find something to do

For Koronivia joint work on Agriculture

If we’ve time on our hands

To disrupt the old paradigm!

I wrote this poem to celebrate some of achievements of my unit at FAO, Livestock Information, Sector Analysis and Policy Branch (AGAL) in 2018, it focuses on the Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model (GLEAM) team. This poem was posted before on my LinkedIn page.

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