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I love this beautiful song!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Melody - Let it be - The Beatles

It was sung during the reception of my PhD Defence at Wageningen University on 17th May 2019.

First, you started in Rwanda

Then to France and Italy

Going to Alberta, finally

And after finishing your masters

At this distance from your family

On to Rome to do your PhD

PhD, PhD,

Nitrogen efficiency

Aiming for improvement, NUE

Then you found yourself in GLEAM

Analyses and measurements

Always making conversations, amiably

And with the nearing deadlines

That were standing right in front of you

Smiling till the finish, constantly

PhD, PhD,

Nitrogen efficiency

Aiming for improvement, NUE

See the thesis in your hands

It was defended thoroughly,

You are now a doctor, PhD.

Enjoy with friends and family

And hope your work will change some policy

Family, family,

Joselyn and Dylan,

Aimable, you embrace them, tenderly.

Thank you Aarts, and all colleagues from Animal Production Systems Group at Wageningen University for the beautiful and sensational song. It made my PhD defence a memorable day. My gratitude to my PhD supervisors, Imke, Pierre and Rogier for their guidance and tremendous support in the past six years. Thanks to my family and friends for making this day joyful and awesome.

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